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Socks wear small knowledge

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  1 leather shoes don't match the White Sox

  A common mistake in daily life is: when a man sitting, from between the trousers and shoes out a section of white cotton socks, this dissonance is caused by formal and casual socks and chaotic, absolutely does not conform to the dress etiquette. Because the white socks and light color cotton socks only suitable for sports and leisure wear.

  2 men socks collocation Youdao

  Men socks color should be neutral color basic, and darker than trousers. Men socks color suit with matching is the most fashionable and most simple way to wear, if a suit is gray, can choose grey socks, light-colored suit and dark brown or brown socks. White and light-colored pure cotton socks to match the casual style clothes and sandals.

  Wearing shorts, long socks cloddy, wear length in the calf following socks, is best just to ankle short socks. And as far as possible pick no visible light color. If you do the white sport socks must be spotlessly clean up, if the white sport socks. Make sure socks length does not make you sit down, or one leg over the other leg with the skin of the leg.

  3 socks long for a better

  Under normal circumstances, experts recommend a pair of socks don't wear more than 3 days. Conditions permitting, suggest you changed daily, to keep feet dry, not only can effectively avoid foot disease, also help to extend the life of socks.

  A pair of socks in the life span of 3 months, more than 3 months of socks, even without a break, also recommends that you don't wear. Long-term wearing socks will cause some bacteria, only by ordinary washing is not completely removed.

  4 why cotton socks cotton content not 100%

  Because the cotton is a natural fiber is soft and comfortable, in fact, almost no market 100% cotton socks, cotton socks not because 100% toughness, can not help but wear, the market generally cotton content above 85% is the traditional said the cotton, the specific no set number, but generally speaking. Cotton socks (say the market looks soft and comfortable cotton), permeability and Perspiration resistance are good, the higher price.

  5 socks washing socks and underwear that knowledge cannot be washed together, so as to avoid cross infection caused by beriberi; wash the socks and add a little vinegar, a deodorant effect, but also can sterilization; can't wash socks with 84 disinfectant, so as not to reduce the service life by washing socks; socks, use a rubber Zhu tie on the sock head, can cause the sock head loss of elasticity; when drying socks, Boston will head to remember.

  Use 6 old socks

  Don't look down upon these old old stockings, socks, they can help you to solve many practical problems in life. Here to introduce some used socks refinement method.

  Cleaning shoes. The direct hand in old socks can easily wipe leather shoes; a pair of socks mission, plug can prevent long deformation in the shoes; set of scrub in hand bulb jagged artifacts, convenient and easy to use; will cut the old socks, set in the child's knees and elbow wrist, can prevent children from falling when abrade the skin; the old socks on a broomstick, can be very good to eliminate the ground hair, dander, and not easy to grey; old socks with camphor ball, placed inside the wardrobe can fly; the old socks cut, sewn together to do the mop, light, wipe and clean, and wash well, good.

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