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Sewing and appearance quality identification of children

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  Sewing quality identification of children

  Sewing line the main parts of 1 visual children's clothing is straight, flat-fell seam is plain clothes.

  The symmetric part 2's consistent view. A lot of symmetrical parts wear on, about two part can be folded to check whether the correct symmetry part. Such as: About sleeve length and cuff size, bag cover length width, compared the bag level import and highway length one by one.

  Identification of appearance quality of children's clothing

  The main surface parts of 1 children had no obvious defect.

  2 the children's clothing mainly sewing parts have no color and slippage. Slippage is usually said "slip" fabric or fabric "silk", slipping degree is not up to standard, reflecting the garment seam strength is insufficient, easy to cause the shoulder seam, armhole seam, side seam, the seam from not wearing. Buy clothing at the side seam pull, see the seam is a "slip" phenomenon. Note that a "slip" of the material.

  3 pay attention to children's wear all kinds of accessories, decorative fabric texture, such as whether the zipper, button button is firm, smooth four discount if proper tightness. Special attention should be paid to the various buttons or trim fastness, lest the child easily torn off by mouth.

  4 adhesive lining surface parts such as the collar, lapel, bag cover, placket place has no degumming, blistering or gum phenomenon.

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